Learning To Cope

DIS Copenhagen

Spring 2020

10 – Farvel

Last week I said goodbye to Denmark when my study abroad program ended early because of COVID-19.

9 – V23

Because my homestay is a bit far from the city, I spend most of my day in and around DIS.

8 – Fremmede

I embarked on a six-day journey to Czechia and Hungry with one friend and two people I’d never met before.

7 – Uafhængighed

This past week I lived alone in Denmark. My host family was out traveling and it led to some interesting dynamics around night life and food.

6 – Ligevægt

We all learn to cope with challenges in different ways. In my recent experience, balance is key.

5 – Udvikling

I spent all of last week with my Game Development class for Core Course Week. In two words: a blast.

4 – Værtsfamilie

Living in a new place always comes with adjustments. Some of them are easier than others.

3 – Rytme

Things have started to flow a bit more smoothly now that we are in week three of the program.

2 – Rejser

Everything has started falling into place.

1 – Sommerfugle

Studying abroad sounds daunting. Here are my thoughts.

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